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If you have a Primus stove in need of repair, you have about two weeks left to get your free replacement parts from the mothership. For the second spring in a row, Primus has rolled out their “Service Your Stove” program for Primus stove owners.

It’s a simple and awesome program. Head to this page for a pdf of the part names for your stove. If you identify that one of them is a problem part, you take a photo of it and fill out the form here and send it to Primus. They will send you a replacement part, totally free of charge, which is about the coolest possible thing a brand can do.

You get a stove working in proper order, learned a bit about how to fix it yourself, and did it for free. We’re big fans of this Zen and the Art of Backpacking Stove Maintenance idea. It’s a great indicator of how seriously Primus takes the quality of their stoves. They’re rock solid companions in the backcountry, and we heartily endorse.