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Camping with your dog can be fun, but it does also pose a few challenges. The two-person Kings Peak Tent was designed with that in mind, as it has a separate section – complete with its own separate door – specifically for Fido.

First of all, why wouldn't you want to have your dog freely roaming inside the tent?

Well, for one thing, you might not like the idea of it tracking dirty pawprints across your sleeping bag and everything else. Additionally, it can be difficult to keep the critter from shooting out the door when you get up for a pee in the middle of the night. Then there's the fact that it may crowd you while you're trying to sleep, plus some dogs actually prefer to sleep in an enclosed den-like space.

Given these considerations, Salt Lake City-based husband-and-wife team Scott and Tysa King created the Kings Peak Tent.

It features a dog compartment at one end, which is separated from the main compartment by a see-through mesh screen. That screen can be unzipped to open things up on the inside, plus a zippered doggy door flap on the outside of the tent allows the pup to enter and exit its compartment without having to go through the "human section."

The Kings Peak Tent is currently on Indiegogo
The Kings Peak Tent is currently on Indiegogo

Kings Peak

The tent itself features a 30-denier polyurethane-coated ripstop nylon floor and rainfly, a 15-denier ripstop nylon mesh roof, and an 8.5-mm-aluminum-pole frame. It's 46 inches (1,168 mm) tall in the middle and 52 inches wide (1,321 mm), with the main compartment measuring 88 inches in length (2,235 mm) and the dog compartment coming in at 24 inches (610 mm). The whole thing reportedly tips the scales at 5 lb, 2 oz (2.3 kg).

Should you be interested, the Kings Peak Tent is presently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign. Assuming it reaches production, a pledge of US$169 will get you one. The planned retail price is $249.

It can be seen in use, in the following video.

Worlds First 2 Person 1-2 Dog Backpacking Tent

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