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HIKING INSIGHTS TOP FIVE HIKING TIPS AND TRICKS HAPPY TRAILS AND TREKKING THROUGH THE GREAT OUTDOORS STAY HYDRATED It's impossible to ove state the importance of drinking plenty of water while you're on the trail. Your precise water needs are unique to you, and depend on everything from the temperature to the strenuousness of your hike, but plan on drinking at least 2 liters each day while you're hiking. It's better to drink small amounts often, as opposed to chugging water every few hours. DON'T PUSH YOUR LIMITS It's never a good idea to push your body to the brink, but this becomes even more dangerous when you're way out in the woods miles away from help. Fatigue, heat exhaustion and injuries have sidelined many an otherwise-healthy hiker. Listen to your body, and rest when it tells you to rest. TREAT YOUR FEET Your feet have a tough job to do, so be kind to them. That starts with choosing a pair of hiking shoes that are lightweight, durable, comfortable and, most importantly, fit well. The choice between hiking boots and lighter footwear like trail runners depends on a variety of factors (boots tend to be more water-resistant, trail runners are often more comfortable in hot conditions) so go with whatever feels more comfortable to you. DON'T OVERPACK A heavy pack takes its toll as the miles roll by, so keep it as light as possible. Eliminate anything from your pack that isn't absolutely essential. You might want a book to read, but do you need one? It might be nice to have lots of extra clothes, but is that really necessary? Also consider weight when you buy essential items like tents and sleeping bags; lightweight models are often more costly, but it's a worthwhile expense. EAT WELL You can't really prepare gourmet meals on the trail, but you shouldn't starve yourself either. Pack foods that are easy to prepare and offer plenty of protein and carbs for energy. It's also important to pack foods you actually like. Good choices include granola bars, trail mixes, nuts, dried fruit, jerky and maybe a candy bar or two. Avoid things that are heavy and perishable, like canned goods, meat and fresh produce. SOURCE: HIKINGINSIGHTS.COM