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Tehran (ISNA) - After successful resumption of Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul (ITI) train as part of Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Corridor, the second freight train left Islamabad on 29 December to the destination of Istanbul through Iran's railway network.

24 Pakistani covered freight wagons are carrying 525 tons Talc powder in 50 km packages from Azakhel dry-port.

The freight arrived in Iran through Mirjaveh Border, while the transshipment and formal custom procedures is done in Zahedan Station. It enters Turkey's territory through Razi Border in Iran.

The freight is transiting under CIM Uniform Rules.

Iran's transport policy is rail connectivity with the neighboring countries in order to increase international transactions, promote freight and passenger transport, and increase mutual interests.

Previously, the ECO freight train resumed operation along Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul (ITI) Corridor on 21 December 2021.

Istanbul–Tehran–lslamabad railway is about 6500 km of which 1990 km is in Pakistan's territory, 2603 km in Iran’s territory, and 1950 km within Turkey’s territory.

Compared to the maritime routes, ECO train is the most effective mode of transport for freight transfer along the route as the travel time is estimated to be less than half (11.5 days). This is very important in expanding export and commercial transactions between the member countries.

The route has been recognized as an international corridor by the United Nations.

Far from connecting these three countries, the corridor is expected to form a link between Europe and Asia. As from Istanbul, there are connections to Europe.

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